How much does a 50 gallon oil water heater cost?

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How much does a 50 gallon oil water heater cost?

50 gallon oil water heater

50 gallon oil fired water heater installation

Oil fired water heaters are expensive, the Bock 51e is one of the more expensive options because it’s the best name in oil fired water heaters.

It’s more efficient, better built, longer lasting, and all around a better product that any other manufacture offers on the oil fired water heater market.

If you need a new tank and burner you might have been recently surprised to learn the tank and burner cost a small fortune.  As much as the most highly efficiency water heaters on the market.

The Material Costs Of Oil Fired Water Heaters Are Very Expensive.
Don’t kill the messenger.

Fact:  The Bock 51e-  Depending on what supplier we’re purchasing from, the cost at our wholesalers is over  $1,300- tank only.  (with zero mark-up).  Not including the burner, not including any venting, no copper, nothing besides the tank.

We, just like any other contractor in America charge a mark-up to cover any potential warranty needs and some business expenses associated with the installation.   There are also materials such as; copper adapters, silver solder, flux, fuel for the torch, copper and venting materials that go into every oil fired water heater installation.   Our mark-up rate is 20%, low for the heating industry.  So with the additional materials and our very modest market-up, that Bock 51e really costs $1,565 and that’s just for the tank.   A new burner costs another $400 with no mark-up and no labor to install it.

When you hear our installation manager tell you a Bock 51e costs $2,800 dollars, please realize, we’re hardly making any money at that price!

If we want to pay all our business expenses, the guys to install your oil fired water heater and have a little extra to send our kids in college, we would need to be well over 3k for a new bock 51e installation.  (And many companies are.)  However, we know CT homeowners are hurting, small business are hurting just as bad too so we have dropped our installation prices to all time lows.

We offer low prices, but must cover risk. 

Installing oil fired water heater come with a level of certain risk. The risk of manufacturing defects on the tank, issues with the burner, control systems, and we have the safety concerns.  We have to “own” your installation for a long time, and we need to legitimize that risk and our warranty.  There are many factors that go into your quote.

We want to help you save as much money as possible, with alternative options, smaller tank sizes, re-using the burner or any way we can come up with.  Give us a call for a water replacement quote, you will find we are more helpful and work harder than anyone in the water heating business.  We offer 100% free estimates for water heater replacements.    203.376.5208 / 800.524.4280  or



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