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Do you have a lite gray colored oil fired water heater with the name Aero on the side of it?

Does it look like this?  (picture on right)
If so you have an oil fired water heater made by the Aero water heater company and it’s likely at least 20 years old.   No need to look at the label, if you own one it’s old as heck and well over due for replacement.  Oil fired water heaters generally last 12-15 years, so if you still have an Aero in your home and it hasn’t flooded your basement yet you got your monies worth out of it.

Aero might have went out of business some time ago, but we can certainly replace it with an appropriate oil fired water heater quickly and for an affordable price.
What’s a good replacement for an aero water heater?   Well that depends on what kind it is, 50 & 30 gallon tanks are the two most common oil fired water heater sizes.  Then you have a few name brands to go with such as; Bock, Thermaflow, and John Wood.  Lets not forget how it’s vented, oil fired water heaters can be top-center vented (like the pic to the right) or they can be side-rear vented.  There are many factors to selecting your new water heater if you want to spend the least as possible, or like the idea of spending a little more for a better quality product that is up to you and our installation rates are the same.

There are a few brands to go with and like anything else in life the better water heaters cost a little more.  In general oil fired water heaters are expensive, the tank & burner are more than 3 times the cost of a natural gas & electric water heaters.  Oil fired water heaters also take about 3 times as much work installing too.  Lean about what it takes to install a oil fired water heater.

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