Alternatives to oil fired water heaters.

Alternatives To Oil Fired Water Heaters.

Get a free quote to replace  an expensive oil fired water heater or boiler with a conventional or high-efficiency alternative.  Contrary to belief, alternatives to oil fired water heaters to exist, I have prepared this article to better educate future clients, like you.  Free estimates are available for all serious residential and commercial property owners located.   Contact us today.  Installation Manger-  Jay Sullivan  @

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Alternatives To Oil Fired Water Heaters-
1) Standard Electric Water Heater

electric water heater

Standard 50 gallon Electric Water Heater

Oil fired water heaters are pretty expensive (generally in the $2,000-$3,000 range) and some uninformed people think it’s a good idea to install an electric water heater instead of the oil fired to save money.

An electric water heater replacement can be from ($700-$1,000) but since you don’t have one there now you’ll need to spend at least another ($200-$300) in additional to an electrician, to get the proper electrical line in place going from the service panel to the water heater.  You also will need space for a double pull breaker in the panel and enough power to the house (which you might not have if you have an older home).  All that aside and an electric water heater is the least efficient- most expensive way to heat water.   Most oil fired water heaters use about $350-$500 in yearly in oil fuel, plus another $100 in burner maintenance.  The same size electric water heater can cost an average to large family in CT twice to operate in electricity costs, because Connecticut (CL&P – UI) clients have the second highest electric  prices in America.  Additionally, heating water with a conventional electric water heater, using standard electric heating elements is the very least efficient way to heat water.

Oil prices are up and down but oil produces a lot of BTU’s when operating, where electric water heaters need require more electricity in Watts to get the same amount of BTU’s that an oil-fired burner produces.  In short, you save money on the installation, your oil bill is also reduced. But at the same time, your electric bill goes through the roof and your savings up front are blown away by only the second or third year, then you waste thousands of dollars over the next few years after that.  The only way to make an electrical water heater a cost-effective choice, is if you have a low-cost electrical supply like Home Solar Energy.  Without home solar or heavily discounted rates a conventional Electric water heater is by far- the most expensive type of water heater to run in CT because it’s the least efficient way to heat water and our electric rates are out of control.

Much better alternatives to oil fired water heaters exist which I have listed below.

Alternatives To Oil Fired Water Heaters-
2) Propane, Gas-Fired Tankless

Remove oil fired water heater and add a propane tankless water heater to your home.

Sure Combustion Heating 639

Intellihot tankless water heater

TANKLESS WATER HEATER (propane fired) vs Oil Fired Water Heaters: If you hate the idea of putting another oil fried water heater in your basement, but are stuck with oil/ have no natural gas service.  Not enough space or power for the heat pump we can install a propane tankless water heater instead.  You would need to have a propane service agreement going and tank set up but some propane companies are offering No start up cost services when opening a new account.  Start up costs with a tankless are going to be more than a oil fired water heater, however, you would at that point save money on you energy bill.  Also if you’re going to need a new appliance (dryer, oven, etc) you can get a gas version.  Most people would agree gas is more fun to cook with than electricity.  After the initial set up you can slowly transition to propane gas products if you choose.  With a propane tankless, instead of a oil fired water heater, your basement will be MUCH cleaner, the air quality will be better, and the unit is small and is mounted on the wall so it’s offers substantial space saving as well.


a) Ventilation requirements and gas line sizing are keys to the installation where the placement of the unit will be determined by these concerns.  (Not all homes meet installation, and local plumbing code requirements)

B) Up front costs can put this product out of reach.
Life expectancy: 20-30+ years.
-High quality brands like Eternal hybrid tankless come with 20 year warranty on the heat exchanger.
-Mid range brands like NavienNoritzRianni come with 10 year warranties on the heat exchanger.
-Your entry level types like RheemBoschTakagi typically come with 6 years warranties on their heat exchangers.
-Almost all manufacturers offer 5 years complete warranty on all parts.  .

Efficiency:   Highly.  92- 98% efficient.  No standing pilot light.  Unit only heats water as needed.  An average CT family will consume about $ 300-600 a year in propane.

Rebates:  State, local energy provider & Federal tax credits offered on this product.  (ask your account)
Additional savings:  Similar to No maintenance required-  Cheap units need yearly flushing which costs about the same as an oil burner service, and high end units require zero maintenance.
Pricing:  like anything else in life- you get what you pay for.   Low end units that require yearly maintenance start around $700 and the industry leading products, with the best hot water “gallons per minute” rating, zero maintenance requirement and longest warranties cost more than $2,000.   Then you have have to add at least another (call for pricing)- for the required additional materials and labor for the total cost.


Alternatives To Oil Fired Water Heaters
3) Heat Pump Electric Water Heater

Remove oil fired water heater and add heat pump water heater to your home.

heat pump water heater

AO Smith 60 gallon heat pum

THE HEAT PUMP WATER HEATER is a great alternative to an oil fired water heater.  If you want to avoid all oil fried water heating products altogether there is a great idea and it’s powered electrically.  It’s a super efficient electric hybrid Heat Pump water heater.   We have installed many of them such as the Rheem HP-50 for both people that just wanted the most efficient water heater for both “all oil” & “all electric” homes.  The Heat Pump water heater is great way to go because it doesn’t use oil or gas and it only costs an average of $285 a year to operate.  It qualifies for all rebates, and it acts as a commercial grade dehumidifier- dehumidifying all the space around the tank.  After rebates, these products can be nearly the same price as installing a new oil fired water heater.  Heat pumps water heaters are great but they but do require a new 220 amp electrical line to be run from the heat pump to the service panel.  The cost of the electrical portion of the job will depend on how close the service panel is to the water heater installation area and if there are 2 lots open and enough power for the water heater.  If you have at least 200 amp service in your home or greater you likely have enough power for the heat pump.  Generally the electrical goes for $200-$400 (depending on how far installation is from electrical service panel.)

Requirements / concerns: New 220 amp electrical line needed.  Space restrictions.

Benefits: Low operation cost.  Free De-humidifier
Life expectancy: 15+ years. (high quality brands such as the Rheem HP and AO Smith  offer  a full 10 year warranty on tank.

Efficiency: Highly efficient with a  2.0 energy factor.
Common sizes:  50, 60, 80 gallon.   Other sizes possible.

Rebates: $400 Instant Rebate effective 2014-  State. local energy provider & Federal tax credits offered on this product.  (ask your account)
Additional savings:  Low maintenance required-  Draining the tank is recommended every couple years.

Pricing: Greatly determined by size of heat pump water heater needed and electrical costs. Electrical costs determined on location of installation site in comparison to location to electrical service panel within the home.   Call for pricing


Alternatives To Oil Fired Water Heaters-
4) Indirect Water Heater

Megastor SS53 Indirect Storage Tank

MegaStor SS53 Indirect Storage Tank

Remove oil fired water heater and add a zone to the heating system, and install indirect storage tank off that zone.
(Only works for properly sized hot water boilers- Not Hot Air Furnaces)

Requirements/ Concerns:

A)  Boiler needs to be powerful/ large enough for the extra load.
B)  Ample room for storage tank, circulating pump, and heating lines surrounding area of the boiler.
C)  Indirect storage tank will only operate with functioning boiler. (not recommend for old boilers)
Life expectancy:  20-30+ years.  Unit comes with life time warranty
Efficiency:  Highly.  98% efficient  Super insulated foam injected in between the tanks walls keeps the tank from losing less than one degree per hour.
Common sizes are:  30, 40, 50, 60, 65, 80, 100 & 120 gallon sizes.

Rebates:  No rebates offered on these types because they don’t produce heat/hot water, they only store hot water from boiler.
Additional savings:  No maintenance required.

Pricing:  This is almost impossible to figure out without knowing more about the application, current boiler, and both the size and type of the indirect water heater needed.  The total job can go from around $2,200 to over 4k depending on tank size and manufacture, and construction type- for example- stainless steel tanks.



Alternatives To Oil Fired Water Heaters-
5)  Tankless Oil-Fired Water Heater

TANKLESS OIL FIRED WATER HEATER by Toyotomi is the first company offering an oil fired tankless water heaters.

This instantaneous oil-fired water heater, is a great option for low hot water volume demands.  Small families will enjoy the significant savings this high efficiency oil fired water heater alternative provides.   learn more this product here this post.

It’s important to know these units only produce enough hot water for one hot shower at a time, plus another faucet.   Meaning families that have more 2 people, would need to upgrade the hot water output.  Accomplished by adding a super insulated storage tank to the toyotomi, the additional storage capacity will providing both enough hot water for a larger family and fuel oil saving over a conventional oil fired water heater.

solar water heater

Solar Thermal Collector Tank

Alternatives To Oil Fired Water Heaters-
6)  Renewable Options-

There are other renewable water heating options as well.
Solar water heater and geothermal water heater systems are the best options but they are the most expensive options up front.
Jay Sullivan-
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