How big is the mess replacing an oil water heater?

Oil Water Heater Replacement Information

Replacing an old leaking oil water heater can be quite a messy situation, if your not careful or prepared with the right equipment.   We have the right equipment, experience and know-how to get your oil fired water heating device replaced with very little to no impact on your home at all.   The last thing we want to do is spend time cleaning your home after the replacement, or paying for a cleaning company to remove oily stains from your floor, so please be honest with your situation up-front while making the appointment for installation.

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Do Not “sugar coat” the situation, difficultly, or amount of mess we need to deal with.  The only way we can help you to the best of our ability and containing a big mess and preventing it from getting throughout your home is by knowing what we need to deal with BEFORE we get to your home or business.  Give us an honest assessment of the issue and we will bring the right equipment for the job- don’t worry about paying a little more for more thorough service.  All our installations include this full service approach to everything we do- without costing a cent more.  We just need to know ahead of time so we have the necessary things to deal with it.

What is an honest assessment of my old leaking oil fired water heater?  We’re glad you asked.

1) Where is it leaking?

  • If you are lucky it’s just leaking clean water from the upper storage tank area of the oil fired water heater.
    Clean water is easy to deal with, catch, vacuum and wipe up.

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    A little water on a cement floor is nothing to worry about.

  • If you are not so lucky the upper storage tank vessel is leaking directly into the lower heating chamber of the water heater and the water is full of dirty shoot.   This messy water is harder to soak up once it’s on the floor, it needs to be sucked up right away with a shop vac and floor dried with towels or it could leave a stain on the floor.
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    The heating chamber got breached = nasty water

  • Worse case, underneath the leaking water is a old dried up oil spill that now is making the area look like a water oily nightmare around the water heater.  This is a dirty situation, but we handle it.   The burner likely had a issue or there was an undiscovered small oil leak or drip that wasn’t taken care of.   An old “mostly dried up” puddle of oil isn’t such a big deal when the floor is dry, but when a steady flow of water drips or pours on to that oily patch- get ready for a big, smelly, stinky oily mess-  if not taken care of properly by oil water heating professionals.   Depending on how much oil there is soaked into the floor will determine the amount of mess we need to deal with.  Shop vacs, rags, towels, professional oil drying powder or “kitty litter” are all needed for this clean up.
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These homeowners let the oil collect in this pan, often overflowing out of it. There is a large dried up old puddle on the floor- (Not good)


2) Where the unit is located,
and whether or not there is suitable clear access to the outside world will also have a HUGE impact how much mess these things cause when removing it.

  • If the current unit is in a basement, with a cement floor and clear access to an open door and good set of stairs if doesn’t really matter how much of a mess we are dealing with.  We can contain the mess long enough to get to quickly get it to the basement stairs and the 3 of our guys remove the old unit as quickly as possible.
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We like large open spaces to work, with cement floors.


  • When the current unit is in a basement, in a closed off utility room, with lovely living space in between the leaking tank and the basement stairs- clearly we need to worry about the floor.   If it’s tile, hard wood floor etc (hard surfaces) we cover them with cardboard and have a shop vac in hand for any possible spill over that hits the floor.  It’s it’s carpet we have a roll of cardboard paper and tarps depending on the situation.
  • Worse case, your utility room is completely closed off in a room located within your main living space.  There is no choice but to bring our tools in your home, and pull the leaking tank through your home to get it outside.  If you have white/ light, or new carpets in the areas we need to travel over this is especially troublesome and demands close attention and the proper plan of action.
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Not the ideal utility room location  (living-room)


Worried about your water heater replacement making a mess in your home or business?
THE MORE INFORMATION YOU GIVE US THE MORE PREPARED WE WILL BE.   We don’t mind bringing extra gear, and spending a little more time preparing for a mess before hand.  We would rather bring extra gear and invest a little time towards containing a mess rather than spend time cleaning one up without the proper equipment.

Please tell us about the needs of your home BEFORE we get there!
If you have your utility room int he middle of your home and we’re forced to travel throughout the main living-space of your home we need to know this a head of time.  If your water heater is leaking in this type of location it requires special over-sized containment bags and old rolls of carpet to ensure a impact free installation to your fine home.  We bring over-sized containment bags and rolls of old carpet on a per basis- pre arranged agreement.

Want this service for your home of business?  That’s simple.
When scheduling the installation mention you need this service-


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