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Special Warranty Offer:   All cast iron Burnham boilers purchased through us and installed by our  Burnham certified trained installers come with a full protection, full coverage 5 year warranty on all boiler sections, the entire boiler, all major components for leaks and breakdowns, and even the labor to perform such repaired on the boiler if needed.   This full coverage 5 year warranty comes with every cast iron Burnham boiler and can be bumped up to a 10 year full coverage warrant.
Ask about our special 10 year full coverage warranty on Burnham products.


Burnham has several oil fired boilers in order to suit all the different market needs. Using 87% efficient Burnham oil fired boilers; you will be able to have the greatest comfort and reliability from heat. Burnham also provides solutions for all your venting needs, with natural drafts and direct vents as well.

Popular Oil Fired Burnham Boilers:
Oil, Water3-Pass Cast Iron Heat Exchanger
Burnham Mega Steam oil fired boiler This boiler has a Junction Box installed with a plug for the accessory connections. It has a Rear View System which is the place where the rear flue outlet is located and provides more space for installing steam boiler piping. The MST models also have a Beckett AFG burner. The Burnham Mega Steam oil fired boilers are based on a system that is convenient to install, simple to maintain and easy to service.

Burnham MPO Oil Fired Boiler Burnham is one of the most prestigious heating industry companies in the world. Over the years, they managed to stay on top of the market by constantly improving their systems.  The MPO is one of the latest innovations by Burnham and it’s known for its attractive design. This boiler is a typical example of how Burnham combines quality, efficiency with a sleek modern design.

Burnham Oil Fired Boilers LE series The Burnham oil fired LE series boilers are made of steel and are perfect for the modern hydronic systems used nowadays. They provide excellent results for low mass compact units and the LE series has the ability of heating up and cooling down quickly, without using large amounts of oil.

Burnham Oil Fired Water Boilers C3 and C4 Series The Burnham C3 and C4 Series are characterized through quality components, accessible controls, durability and economy. This boiler system is extremely durable as it’s made of cast iron and very cost-effective since oil is the fuel of choice. Cast iron is the best material to be used with boilers because it has the capacity of absorbing and transferring heat quickly and one of the most durable materials around.

Burnham V8H Series Oil Fired Steam/Water Boilers  The V8H series oil fired boiler is well known for its quality, durability but most of all, for its quiet operation. Unlike many other boilers of the same size, the installation, maintenance and service procedures are easy. Due to the simple installing method, it becomes easy to have access to the boiler components and also to the reset button.

Burnham, by US Boiler,  is a company that has been on the market for a long time and has constantly improved their products. Most of the Burnham products are Energy Star energy efficient heating products and proud to have this label.  All Burnham boilers purchased and installed by our Burnham certified plumbers come with full 5 year warranties from Burnham.   The boiler, all major components and labor to replace and parts or boilers sections is fully covered by Burnham and our wholesaler.

Burnham offers a series of products that come with an optional extra high efficiency kits in stainless steel, PVC and Polypro and all are readily available when needed.

The Burnham oil fired boilers are easy to install and are pre-wired for fast connections to water, fuel and electricity.

Burnham boilers some of the best rated Energy Star products.  Burnham products are available in different sizes and suit different types of houses. You can choose the right product for your home from the variety of sizes and configurations that these products have. Burnham oil fired boilers are the perfect and most efficient choice for any oil installations.


Burnham boilers provide extremely efficiency ratings with their low mass boiler called, The Alpine series high efficiency condensing model.  They also have all the conventional residential and commercial hydronic systems available today.  With the ability to heat up and cool down in a short span of time, makes these boilers excellent for both houses and even large apartment buildings.

Burnham also has an oil fired steam boiler with an 86% efficiency rating. This product is quickly replacing the regular boiler and is based on a steam system that has a cast iron block. These blocks have the latest three pass model that directs flue outlets in the heat exchanger three times instead of one. This method allows the system to extract heat efficiently while delivering steam at the same time .

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