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Oil Boiler Installers, Fairfield CT

oil fired boilers installers

Proudly Serving Connecticut Homes, Multifamily & Commercial Buildings for 22 years and counting!

Oil boiler installers, Fairfield CT

oil boiler installers fairfield ct

Who do I call when a oil fired boiler starts leaking or stops providing hot water?
That answer is a heating contractor experienced with oil-fired boilers.

When you have an oil fired water heater or boiler that needs to be replaced you need to find a plumber, skilled & experienced to deal with oil fired installations, maintenance, service and repairs.    If you’re researching plumbers who install oil fired water heaters, furnaces and boilers you found a great company, ours.

A Plus Plumber LLC.   Owned & operated out of Orange CT, the owners have installed hundreds of oil fired water heaters and boilers throughout CT.   Give us a call today!

J Sullivan
Business Manager.
A Plus Plumber llc
Orange, CT
203.376.5208 (my cell)


 Oil boiler installer research-

Why pay more for the same exact oil fired installation in CT? Our oil fired prices are regularly hundreds less than our CT competitors because we do such a large number of oil fired installations in CT.  Our men are trained and only preform boiler and water heater installations so we have the installation process down to a science and get oil fired installations quickly resulting in low prices.  We also get great prices on the oil fired tanks and oil burners straight from the wholesaler, so many times we get the same high quality oil fired water heaters and boilers hundreds less than other plumbers, who don’t buy oil fired products on a consistent basis.

Ask about our special local ($150.00) discount for Milford, Orange, Stratford and West Haven residents and businesses!!





Pictured above:  2 new Burnham boilers and a 200 gallon storage tank installed in the Orange home build by one of Connecticut’s  most famous building developers, Arnold Peck’s home in Orange, CT.

Flood Damaged Boiler Information

Subject: Flood Damaged Boilers

floodedbasement2The unfortunate situation and questions relating to flooded boilers and heating
equipment arises whenever major flooding occurs.  Our customer service
and technical service representatives are often asked what should be done with a
flood damaged boiler.
It should be noted that flooded boilers present a number of
potentially very serious safety issues including, but not limited to, the following items:
1) Floodwater may enter a boiler and soften the insulation that surrounds
the combustion chamber, causing it to collapse into the chamber.
This causes a very serious safety issue, and under no circumstances
should any boiler be operated in this condition.
2) The silt and contaminants potentially contained in flood
water can be deposited inside boiler controls and safety limits
affecting their accuracy and ability to operate. This also can be a very
serious safety issue and under no circumstances should any boiler be
operated in this condition
3) Floodwater can cause unseen damage to the boiler that may
cause a safety issue or failure months or even years after the incident.
Even components that appear to be unaffected may have sustained
Boilers that are subject to floodwaters or other damage as a result of natural
disaster are not covered by manufactures offering limited warranties for residential
boilers.  Replacing only some affected components in a flooded boiler leaves much to risk, in
addition to being an expensive and difficult procedure  As a result, All Boiler Manufactures strongly
recommends that any boiler that has been exposed to flood water be removed and replaced with a new boiler.
Do not operate your boiler if any components have been fully or partially
submerged in water until the boiler has been inspected and all affected
components or the boiler are replaced by a qualified heating contractor.
Please feel free to contact your Boiler Company representative with any
additional questions that you may have regarding this issue.  Also when replacing a
boiler, consider upgrading to a high efficiency, for fuel savings and “wall hung boilers”  can be mounted high off the floor, where a future flood won’t reach it.


Steam heating ct

Steam plumbers CT- NYC.

Experience with all types, styles, makes & models of steam systems.
We offer: Emergency steam repair, new steam installations, steam heating replacement services on all commercial & large residential services.

  • 1 pipe steam systems
  • 2 pipe steam systems
  • steam to hydronic upgrades
  • #6 & #4 oil upgrades
  • #2 upgrades
  • oil to gas conversions
  • oil to high efficiency gas conversion

Our service area includes The Greater NYC Area, Fairfield, New Haven & Hartford Counties Connecticut.

We are licensed in Connecticut and in New York.    Referrals upon request.

800.524.4280  /  203.376.5208

Here’s a few pics of AO Smith Steam units being installed in the Food & Drug Administration building.


Here’s some pics from large commercial buildings in Manhattan.

Oil boilers installers ct

We can handle any oil fired boiler job from a small 3 section residential boiler to 11 sections commercial oil fired boilers in high rise apartment buildings, we have the expertise you need.

Don’t let the numbers on the side of your current old boilers fool you.

It’s most likely far less efficient than you think-

An oil-fired boiler that’s more than 15-20 years old can be functioning perfectly but only working at 65% efficiency or less.  This means that only 65% of the heat from the oil you paid for gets to your house.   This happens because over time the inner chambers of the boiler get corroded with thick residue from the oil fired exhaust and when the walls of boiler’s heat chamber get coated, heat has a much harder time exchanging from the hot exhaust air, to the water filled cast iron sections of the boiler.    This happens to all oil fired boilers as they age.   It doesn’t matter what your oil man does.  The burner could be operating much more efficiently but we’re talking about 3 things.

In reality we have 3 things going on inside an oil fired boiler that effects it’s efficiency.  The burners age- size & efficiency,  the combustion ratio/ exhaust efficiency, and the heat transfer process from the exhaust gas to the boiler itself,  but it’s impossible to know exactly how dirty a boiler is within it, so we can’t really ever get a 100% acute efficiency number on aged oil fired boilers and almost all homeowners thin their heating systems are much more efficient than they really are because the numbers on the service card are misleading by not taking the “dirty factor” even into account.

The fact is when you have an old, oil fired boiler, even with yearly cleaning, much of your heat gets wasted and passed through the boiler and right out the chimney.     The nice thing is, even if your stuck with oil, the industry has done much much better in just the last few years and you are definitely have the opportunity to going to save some money with a new modern boiler.

A boilers job is the catch as much heat from the exhaust gas as possible and transfer that heat into the boiler’s water filled chambers.   Modern boilers called “Triple Pass” have a design that forces the exhausts are the heat exchange surface 3 times before it goes out and up the chimney, where old boilers had very simple designs where the hit literally just straight out from the burner straight out to the chimney.

This process gets less and less efficient as the equipment ages and the inside of it gets more and more dirt.

Newer replacement oil-fired boilers are available that operate above 85% efficiency, and every years they decrease to some degree, even with proper cleaning.

This means if we’re upgrading an oil fired boiler 20+ years old it’s very possible we can lower your oil bills by 20%, 30%, or even 40% by upgrading to new, clean, more modern, higher efficiency equipment available today.   In some cases your home or building may require a smaller boiler than you currently have, saving you even more money.  We always size up the boiler from the ground up to make sure we’re selecting the correct size base on Heat Loss calculations.

We can evaluate your current heating system and provide a free quote on a super-efficient system that you will love.

Commercial oil fired boilers.


Oil to gas conversion with six, NP-240 Navien tankless water heaters and four, AO Smith 120 gallon storage tanks.

We have commercial plumbing & steam licensing in Connecticut and The Greater New York City Area.

Burnham oil fired boilers CT

We are factory authorized dealers of Burham products.

Special Warranty Offer:   All cast iron Burnham boilers purchased through us and installed by our  Burnham certified trained installers come with a full protection, full coverage 5 year warranty on all boiler sections, the entire boiler, all major components for leaks and breakdowns, and even the labor to perform such repaired on the boiler if needed.   This full coverage 5 year warranty comes with every cast iron Burnham boiler and can be bumped up to a 10 year full coverage warrant.
Ask about our special 10 year full coverage warranty on Burnham products.


Burnham has several oil fired boilers in order to suit all the different market needs. Using 87% efficient Burnham oil fired boilers; you will be able to have the greatest comfort and reliability from heat. Burnham also provides solutions for all your venting needs, with natural drafts and direct vents as well.

Popular Oil Fired Burnham Boilers:
Oil, Water3-Pass Cast Iron Heat Exchanger

Oil, Steam3-Pass Cast Iron Heat Exchanger

Oil, Water (steam optional)Cast Iron Heat Exchanger


For Special
Markets Only
Oil, WaterCast Iron Heat Exchanger

Oil, WaterSteel Heat Exchanger

Burnham Mega Steam oil fired boiler This boiler has a Junction Box installed with a plug for the accessory connections. It has a Rear View System which is the place where the rear flue outlet is located and provides more space for installing steam boiler piping. The MST models also have a Beckett AFG burner. The Burnham Mega Steam oil fired boilers are based on a system that is convenient to install, simple to maintain and easy to service.

Burnham MPO Oil Fired Boiler Burnham is one of the most prestigious heating industry companies in the world. Over the years, they managed to stay on top of the market by constantly improving their systems.  The MPO is one of the latest innovations by Burnham and it’s known for its attractive design. This boiler is a typical example of how Burnham combines quality, efficiency with a sleek modern design.

Burnham Oil Fired Boilers LE series The Burnham oil fired LE series boilers are made of steel and are perfect for the modern hydronic systems used nowadays. They provide excellent results for low mass compact units and the LE series has the ability of heating up and cooling down quickly, without using large amounts of oil.

Burnham Oil Fired Water Boilers C3 and C4 Series The Burnham C3 and C4 Series are characterized through quality components, accessible controls, durability and economy. This boiler system is extremely durable as it’s made of cast iron and very cost-effective since oil is the fuel of choice. Cast iron is the best material to be used with boilers because it has the capacity of absorbing and transferring heat quickly and one of the most durable materials around.

Burnham V8H Series Oil Fired Steam/Water Boilers  The V8H series oil fired boiler is well known for its quality, durability but most of all, for its quiet operation. Unlike many other boilers of the same size, the installation, maintenance and service procedures are easy. Due to the simple installing method, it becomes easy to have access to the boiler components and also to the reset button.

Burnham, by US Boiler,  is a company that has been on the market for a long time and has constantly improved their products. Most of the Burnham products are Energy Star energy efficient heating products and proud to have this label.  All Burnham boilers purchased and installed by our Burnham certified plumbers come with full 5 year warranties from Burnham.   The boiler, all major components and labor to replace and parts or boilers sections is fully covered by Burnham and our wholesaler.

Burnham offers a series of products that come with an optional extra high efficiency kits in stainless steel, PVC and Polypro and all are readily available when needed.

The Burnham oil fired boilers are easy to install and are pre-wired for fast connections to water, fuel and electricity.

Burnham boilers some of the best rated Energy Star products.  Burnham products are available in different sizes and suit different types of houses. You can choose the right product for your home from the variety of sizes and configurations that these products have. Burnham oil fired boilers are the perfect and most efficient choice for any oil installations.


Burnham boilers provide extremely efficiency ratings with their low mass boiler called, The Alpine series high efficiency condensing model.  They also have all the conventional residential and commercial hydronic systems available today.  With the ability to heat up and cool down in a short span of time, makes these boilers excellent for both houses and even large apartment buildings.

Burnham also has an oil fired steam boiler with an 86% efficiency rating. This product is quickly replacing the regular boiler and is based on a steam system that has a cast iron block. These blocks have the latest three pass model that directs flue outlets in the heat exchanger three times instead of one. This method allows the system to extract heat efficiently while delivering steam at the same time .

Give me a call for any and all Burnham boiler inquires.

Ask about installation rates for Connecticut and The Greater New York City and the White Plains Area.

Jay Sullivan  

203.376.5208   or   800.524.4280 


*All Burnham orders sold/ originated through me are come  from Win Nelson Heating Supply,  Burnham authorized dealers nation wide.

** Free 5 year full coverage warranty if installed by our certified Bunham installers.

***I’m physically located in Connecticut and cover The Greater New York City Area but I can also handle orders from anywhere in the lower 48 states with our other deals nation wide.

***Free shipping on orders worth over 10k.

Important boiler replacement information for homeowners.

When purchasing an gas, propane, or oil fired fired boiler, the most important aspect is getting the correct size, measured by BTU input & output.   The number of BTU’s is, the total numeric amount of “British Thermal Units” (amount of gas) required to heat your home and the amount of BUT’s needs for to create the hot water you use domestically (if using a indirect water heater tied into the boiler for your domestic hot water.)   This total BTU number is based on the worse case, “coldest,” period of the year.   As well as accounting for how much heat is lost, naturally through the windows, the garage,  roof, etc.   This process of figuring out how many BTU’s you’re home or commercial building requires  is called a “Heat Loss”.  The total amount of footage of baseboard, or number & size of the radiators, thickness of outer walls, size & type of windows throughout the home or building area ll required when figure out the exact calculation.

Do Not make a costly mistake by assuming that you need the same exact size boiler as you have now.   In many cases old cast iron boilers installed 20+ years ago were all over sized because the equipment itself and the heating fuel were much less than today.    Builders and engineers had the attitude that “bigger is better,” but when when heating equipment only has to be able to handle the coldest weeks of the winter season you don’t want the equipment over seized at all.   Even a system over sized by as little as  10,000 BTU’s will lead to hundreds to thousands of dollars on wasted fuel over the boilers service life, especially if your burning heating oil.

In this current world of high oil prices and due to the fact that the entire oil energy market is extremely fragile to rate chances, every home and building on heating oil should have a through analyzes of to make sure you getting the properly sized equipment for your home of buildings needs.

Lastly, you can save some money if you’re able to down size  to a smaller less expensive boiler.

Give us a call for a professional “Heat Loss” of your home or commercial structure today.



Energy savings with new boilers. 

You must consider the fuel consumption and how that may affect your budget along with the environment.   The Energy Star logo is an indicator of the efficiency of the boilers,  if the product is 85% efficient or more it’s a good product and about as best you can do for the environment with oil fired boilers and you’ll likely save some money from your oil expense.

Not all plumbers are the equal!   Would you believe that many plumbers don’t even take the time to check if a smaller boiler could be used in order to save thousands upon thousand of dollars over it’s service life?!?   Sad but true in most cases.

Let our professionals figure out the exact amount of BTU’s your home requires/ the CORRECT size boiler your  need!

I work with Win Nelson Heating Supply, one of America’s leading heating suppliers, featuring Burnham boilers.

Give me a call today.

Jay Sullivan 


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