Important boiler replacement information for homeowners.

When purchasing an gas, propane, or oil fired fired boiler, the most important aspect is getting the correct size, measured by BTU input & output.   The number of BTU’s is, the total numeric amount of “British Thermal Units” (amount of gas) required to heat your home and the amount of BUT’s needs for to create the hot water you use domestically (if using a indirect water heater tied into the boiler for your domestic hot water.)   This total BTU number is based on the worse case, “coldest,” period of the year.   As well as accounting for how much heat is lost, naturally through the windows, the garage,  roof, etc.   This process of figuring out how many BTU’s you’re home or commercial building requires  is called a “Heat Loss”.  The total amount of footage of baseboard, or number & size of the radiators, thickness of outer walls, size & type of windows throughout the home or building area ll required when figure out the exact calculation.

Do Not make a costly mistake by assuming that you need the same exact size boiler as you have now.   In many cases old cast iron boilers installed 20+ years ago were all over sized because the equipment itself and the heating fuel were much less than today.    Builders and engineers had the attitude that “bigger is better,” but when when heating equipment only has to be able to handle the coldest weeks of the winter season you don’t want the equipment over seized at all.   Even a system over sized by as little as  10,000 BTU’s will lead to hundreds to thousands of dollars on wasted fuel over the boilers service life, especially if your burning heating oil.

In this current world of high oil prices and due to the fact that the entire oil energy market is extremely fragile to rate chances, every home and building on heating oil should have a through analyzes of to make sure you getting the properly sized equipment for your home of buildings needs.

Lastly, you can save some money if you’re able to down size  to a smaller less expensive boiler.

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Energy savings with new boilers. 

You must consider the fuel consumption and how that may affect your budget along with the environment.   The Energy Star logo is an indicator of the efficiency of the boilers,  if the product is 85% efficient or more it’s a good product and about as best you can do for the environment with oil fired boilers and you’ll likely save some money from your oil expense.

Not all plumbers are the equal!   Would you believe that many plumbers don’t even take the time to check if a smaller boiler could be used in order to save thousands upon thousand of dollars over it’s service life?!?   Sad but true in most cases.

Let our professionals figure out the exact amount of BTU’s your home requires/ the CORRECT size boiler your  need!

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