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We can handle any oil fired boiler job from a small 3 section residential boiler to 11 sections commercial oil fired boilers in high rise apartment buildings, we have the expertise you need.

Don’t let the numbers on the side of your current old boilers fool you.

It’s most likely far less efficient than you think-

An oil-fired boiler that’s more than 15-20 years old can be functioning perfectly but only working at 65% efficiency or less.  This means that only 65% of the heat from the oil you paid for gets to your house.   This happens because over time the inner chambers of the boiler get corroded with thick residue from the oil fired exhaust and when the walls of boiler’s heat chamber get coated, heat has a much harder time exchanging from the hot exhaust air, to the water filled cast iron sections of the boiler.    This happens to all oil fired boilers as they age.   It doesn’t matter what your oil man does.  The burner could be operating much more efficiently but we’re talking about 3 things.

In reality we have 3 things going on inside an oil fired boiler that effects it’s efficiency.  The burners age- size & efficiency,  the combustion ratio/ exhaust efficiency, and the heat transfer process from the exhaust gas to the boiler itself,  but it’s impossible to know exactly how dirty a boiler is within it, so we can’t really ever get a 100% acute efficiency number on aged oil fired boilers and almost all homeowners thin their heating systems are much more efficient than they really are because the numbers on the service card are misleading by not taking the “dirty factor” even into account.

The fact is when you have an old, oil fired boiler, even with yearly cleaning, much of your heat gets wasted and passed through the boiler and right out the chimney.     The nice thing is, even if your stuck with oil, the industry has done much much better in just the last few years and you are definitely have the opportunity to going to save some money with a new modern boiler.

A boilers job is the catch as much heat from the exhaust gas as possible and transfer that heat into the boiler’s water filled chambers.   Modern boilers called “Triple Pass” have a design that forces the exhausts are the heat exchange surface 3 times before it goes out and up the chimney, where old boilers had very simple designs where the hit literally just straight out from the burner straight out to the chimney.

This process gets less and less efficient as the equipment ages and the inside of it gets more and more dirt.

Newer replacement oil-fired boilers are available that operate above 85% efficiency, and every years they decrease to some degree, even with proper cleaning.

This means if we’re upgrading an oil fired boiler 20+ years old it’s very possible we can lower your oil bills by 20%, 30%, or even 40% by upgrading to new, clean, more modern, higher efficiency equipment available today.   In some cases your home or building may require a smaller boiler than you currently have, saving you even more money.  We always size up the boiler from the ground up to make sure we’re selecting the correct size base on Heat Loss calculations.

We can evaluate your current heating system and provide a free quote on a super-efficient system that you will love.

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