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Having a problem with you current Oil Fired Water Heater?
If you still have one of these old Ford tanks, get ready to replace it soon.

If you still have one of these old Ford tanks, get ready to replace it soon.

Would you like an estimate over the phone for a new oil fired water heater?
Do you need to have your oil fired water heater replaced?  Would you like some great  ideas for replacing the oil fired heater with something more efficient?  If it has to do with an oil fired water heater, we can help.
If you’re in Connecticut or the Greater NYC area, we can not only give you valuable advice, we can also install the new water heater for you for an affordable price.

Who do I call when I need a new oil fired water heater?  That answer is a plumber, but more specifically a plumber that has experience with plumbing, heating and oil. Plumbers like us.
Just give us a call.

Email us. mr.waterheaters@yahoo.com

We are true water heating experts.   We have accrued 22 years experience with hundreds of past oil fired water heater installations under our belts.

How are our prices? Exceptional.  Give us a try, we can give you a very good idea right over the phone what the installation will cost.
With a few pictures of your current water heater sent to either 203-376-5208  or mr.waterheaters@yahoo.com we can give you an exact price for the replacement.

A Nice looking installation and they all look like this.771

When Residential or Businesses need an oil fired water heater replacement it is a good idea to give us a call because we provide extremely fast service and have the most affordable replacement rates in the state.  We will match ANY written price on the same tank, burner (that we carry), and installation.  We will install your oil fired water heater in the Next Day, and recycle your old tank in an environmentally friendly way.   We are one of the only companies offering Same Day emergency replacement services in CT.  We specialize in the repair and installations of all residential and commercial oil fired water heaters for New Haven, Fairfield and Hartford Counties and all along the shore line of Connecticut.  Our partners in NYC and Long Island have the City, White Plains, Bronx, Manhattan, Queens County and Long Island within their domain of coverage.

We also install oil fired water heaters located in crawl spaces and other “hard to get to” locations and have “short models” available, in order to fit in those confined spaces.

If you need a great plumber in Connecticut, or a free estimate to fix or replace your current Oil Fired water heater.
Give us a call today.   We offer some of the lowest prices on oil fired water heater installations in CT.

Main office  – 24 hour emergency Oil Fired water heater repair & replacement services.

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(Some more past installation pictures)

We Carry Bock, Thermaflow-Everhot, John Wood, HTP & Burnham heating products.
We also have access to other oil fired water heater manufactures.

More info about oil fired water heaters.


Bock 51e

Bock 51e

Oil fired water heaters heat water exactly the same way as traditional natural gas, and propane water heaters by a law of physics called convection. The most important difference is that oil fired water heaters use oil as it’s fuel source.

Oil fired water heater tanks are MUCH more expensive (3x more) that natural gas water heaters.
Why is my oil fired water heater quote so expensive?
Depending on the brand, where it’s bought, and how it’s vented the 30 gallon tank alone is $900-$1,300.  The 50 gallon tank regular/center-top vented, rear vented (more expensive), and short models more than $2,000 for the tank alone.   In addition, you need a new oil burner & thermostat which goes for $380- $450, and a new  T&P valve, copper piping, couplings, adapters.  As in most cases, you may also need the current exhaust piping replaced. Oil filters at the main oil tank itself can be replaced at this time also to better protect your new investment.  Don’t forget about the tax, or marking up the parts, business expenses, phones, insurance (auto, business, workers comp), gas, etc.  We charge some labor to pay our guys and to put something back into the business to pay for the servers that host this website.

Our rates on oil fired water heater replacements go from $2,000- $3,000 depending on size and brand of equipment. 


Bock 32e

Bock 32e

What size oil fired water heater do I need? – Oil fired water heaters heats water extremely fast. (2-3+ times as fast than natural gas heaters & electric water heaters) The speed of which water is heated is called “recovery rating”.  30 gallon oil fired water heaters can produce roughly 110 gallons of hot water in the “first hour”.  (The water heating industry goes by the measurement “1st hour rating” to measure how much hot water is being produced.)   If you have a family of 4 people or less most likely a 30 gallon oil fried water heater will meet your demands.  If you have a family of 5 or larger, or a home with a whirl pool tub used regularly you want to go with a 50 gallon oil fired water heater.   A 50 gallon oil fired water heater right around 150 gallons an hour (158 galls- Bock 50e) so that translates to 2 showers going (1 shower head each) simultaneously (2.5 gallons per shower head) for 30 minutes at the same time before any temp loss is noticed.

A 50 gallon oil fired water heater uses less oil than most people would think since you get such a large amount of BTU’s produced when it’s in operation.  Oil fired water heaters are less expensive to run than electric water heaters in places like Connecticut (high electric costs & cold winter environments) because you need thousands of watts, at a  more expensive price to get the same amount of BTU’s as oil gives you when burned.   Without yearly maintenance oil fired water heaters cost roughly $500-$700 to a year to run in CT depending on the family size,  and yearly maintenance is typically from $125-$225 depending on the oil burner service company.

We had to wrap this thing in plastic just to get it out of the house without making an enormous mess.

We had to wrap this thing in plastic just to get it out of the house without making an enormous mess.

The worst aspect to owning an Oil fired Water Heater is replacing them, due to the expensive price of replacement .   The other problem is when they “let go”/ fail and  it’s time for them to be replaced, they can create an enormous mess of dirty water and oil in your basement, utility room, etc.

If you have a very large family, or run a business out of your home which uses hot water, you likely need a 50 or even a 70 or in a rare case the 100 gallon model.  Most oil fired water heating companies mainly sell 30 & 50 gallon tank sizes, although other sizes like a 20 gallon, 40 gallon and 70 gallon models are available from the water heater manufacturer Bock.

Oil fired water heating manufactures in our area. I can not speak for the entire world, but in our area the North East (Connecticut) we have a few main choices. Bock, Thermaflow, HTP and John Wood.   Other oil fired water companies that have gone out of business or acquired are Aero, & Ford.   Ford water heaters were built very well and many of them are still in operation.  Note if you have a Ford or Arrow water heater leaking,  give us a call for a quote because that thing doesn’t can’t possibly have much life left.


Our new oil fired water heater tanks and burners.

Our new oil fired water heater tanks and burners.

The cost of labor is hard to determine without seeing a pictures of the old/current oil fired water heater’s overall current installation.  The tank itself is very heavy and at least 2  men are needed to handle the new tank properly without damaging it.  We need to remove the old tank, and old 50 gallon tanks are extremely hard to remove and typically 3 men are needed if the tank is located in a basement and must be pulled up stairs as the old tank alone can easily be 400+ pounds.  Installing a new oil fired water heater is nothing like installing a traditional water heater.  Other than the water lines everything is different. Installing the new oil burner can be a pain, and also needs some fine tuning to get it operating at it’s most efficient level.   There is an emergency cut off switch and other electrical connections that need to made.  The exhaust pipe almost always needs to be replaced, then the air needs to be bled out of the oil line, (without making a huge mess) and finally the old tank and burners needs to be disposed of properly at a recycling center that will take these environmental nightmares.  Installing new oil fried water heaters should be left to expert plumbers only.

How long does a oil fired water heater installation take?  The job itself takes 2 plumbers about 2-3 hours, but in reality it takes half a day or longer.  First, you have the meeting with the client and looking at the oil water heater, send out quotes, email back and forth a bunch times answering questions, then we agree on the price.  Then we write up the paper work,  drive to the supply store, pick up the heater, drive it to your home.  (we don’t get paid for any of that)  Then the real work of removing the old tank, installing the new one, and settling up on the bill.  Lastly the drive to New Haven to properly recycle the old tank and burner.  That’s about 2-3 hours of driving, another 1 hour in emails, plus the 3 guys spending 2 hours actually doing the job.   Not to mention the paperwork at the end of the day.  We get a lunch break in there some where if we’re lucky.


Installing a Bock 32e

Installing a Bock 32e

How much does a new oil fired water heater cost to have installed?  All together installing a new oil fired water heater could take 2 guys half a day, to a full day with driving time, so, the installation rate for installing a new oil fired water heater generally goes from $500 -$800  (The price increases with tank size & difficulty of job)  Where as, installing a new gas or electric water heaters is done with only 1, maybe 2 plumbers and take 1 hour, which is why regular water heaters cost as little as 300 dollars.

How to save money on oil fired water heaters:  You can cut costs. Trusting the wrong plumbing company without insurance and liabilities may save you money, however, by finding a trusted company to install your oil fired water heater the right way the first time will save on a highly expensive re-install.

By being the homeowner, you want to make a wise investment. We here are that investment, with our highly skilled, insured and customer-tested team.

bock 32e

Bock 32e

Oil fired water heater installers commonly have 2 licenses, one for plumbing and another license for heating and then they have to be  experienced with oil fired heating products and the combustion tuning process.  It’s not easy finding an affordable oil fired water heater installer in CT because there aren’t too many plumbers doing oil fired boiler and water heaters replacements in Connecticut.

Common insurance policies for oil fired installers:   Most legitimate oil fired water heater installers will have a minimum- 1 million dollar insurance policy.   We have a 2 million dollar policy.

Why risk trouble?  You have nothing to worry about when we’re on the job.  So if you want a stress free process and quality job done quickly & correctly the first time by licensed & insured plumbers for an affordable price who are dedicated to using the best parts, whom also test & fine tune the burner to get the highest efficiency output, clean up the job site like we were never there, and put everything including a warranty in writing,  give us a call.

bock 32e

Bock 32e

*Everybody is hell bent on saving money these days, and we realize this, money’s tight for our families as well, but there is no such thing as a cheep oil fired water heater, and they take plumbing talent to install correctly.  Our normal prices are extremely competitive, but please be aware the total cost for a oil fired water heaters starts around $2,000 for the least expensive, (30 gall) oil fired water heater, in the ideal situation (close to a door  – no stairs.)

Shopping around for the best oil fired water heater prices.  We offer  competitive low prices for the quality installation with the best equipment, hands down.  Our prices are extremely low for these heaters and installations, regularly 20%-40% lower than other plumbing companies in Fairfield county and the shore line area around Guilford, CT.   We are regularly a couple hundred less than our plumbing competitors in New Haven county, and we have been as much as $1,200 less than other plumbing quotes in the West Hartford area on the same exact installation.


Fuse box

This fuse box is filled. No room for an electric option, without a costly upgrade.

“I have no money for a new oil fired water heater, what can I do?”   If you have enough electrical power going to your home (200 amp service) and have 2 open slots “side by side” in your electrical fuse box (pictured to the right) you could have us install a standard 50 gallon electric water heater for around $850 bucks, but the “recovery rate” is very slow on an electric water heater.  If you have a few people in the house you will need an 80 gallon electric water heater and they go for around $1250.    You will also need to spend another $200-$400 hundred bucks for an electrician to run a new electrical line and fuses in the fuse box.   An electric water heater is cheaper than a new oil fired water heater, but the biggest problem is- electric water heaters costs a lot of money to run.  Heating water electrically is the LEAST efficient way to heat water.  In areas like California and the North East (areas with high electrical rates) replacing an oil fired water heater with an electric water heater will make your electric bill double.  Electric water heaters costs $50- $100 per month to run in high utility markets, or homes with large families.   Electric water heaters should be the last resort situation for homes with oil, (unless you have solar PV, or discounted electric rates)

FYI:  Rear vented tanks, can often be replaced with (less expensive) Standard vented tanks.

FYI: Rear vented tanks, can often be replaced with (less expensive) Standard vented tanks.

If you made it this far, and still stressing about your leaking oil fired water heater and you live in Connecticut just give us a call and relax.

Best Regards-

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We are based on the Milford/ Orange line and serve all of New Haven, Fairfield, Hartford Counties and the shoreline areas throughout  Connecticut.

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