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A Plus Plumber LLC,  makes the replacement of your water heater easy and painlessly, to both to your busy schedule and wallet.   Covering all New Haven country, Fairfield county, Shoreline communities such as Guilford & Hartford residents.

Feel free to call our 24 Hour direct local number.  or email us-

203.376.5208  (cell phone- 24/7 service)


Our installation consultant/ installation manger, Jay Sullivan is available to help you 24-7.  water heater quote

Our Quick Water Heater Replacement Quote Form:  The information within this form allows our installation manager ,Jay Sullivan, gets right into the replacement options, size choices, alternative options, high efficiency replacement ideas, and can often provide an estimated quote right on the 1st call or email.

Using Technology For The Lowest Price:  We love using technology, send us a few pictures (text or email) of your current water heater and we can usually provide a firm quote without visiting the home.
If you are not able to send us any pictures, that is Okay

Our installation consultant, Jay Sullivan, answers the phone 24-7.
He prides himself on providing homeowners like you with helpful information;

  • Shutting down the unit properly
  • How to prevent water damage to your home
  • Appropriate replacements
  • Whether or not the burner can be used/ and why
  • Maintenance and warranty questions,
  • How to get the most service life out of your new water heater
  • last but not least   High-efficiency alternatives (if possible for your home.)

Jay is committed to help the public with water heating emergencies, if it’s a safety question please  feel free to call him anytime of day or night, 24-7 he will answer.

SHUTTING OFF YOUR OIL FIRED WATER HEATER IS EASILY DONE BY FLIPPY ELECTRIC SWITCH ON SIDE OF UNIT, NEAR UNIT, OR NEAR THE TOP OF THE BASEMENT STAIRS.  Shut the water off by turning off a valve on the “cold side” just above the tank, or utilize the “shut off valve” for the entire house, located at the water meter or well water system.

A Plus Plumber LLC,  is a licensed and insured water heater installer based in Orange Connecticut.

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