Why is Bock the best oil fired water heater?

My customers often asking me, why is Bock the best oil water heater?  

Bocks are over all the best built tanks, made of robust steel.   The tanks residential tanks weight 300-400 pounds, 30-40% heavier than the least expensive tanks options.   They fire chamber is made of a brick-clay like substaince, where other tanks use insuation that resembles fiberglass insulation in the attic.   Bock’s are better built, last longer, and are more efficient because of a better heat exchanging process.  The most important thing is, longevity and Bock has the reputation of building the longest lasting oil fired water heater tanks in the industry.

If you have been or about to go through a replacement or installation you know, or are about to find out, $ 2,000 dollars is the the cheapest way you can go for the least expensive new 30 gallon oil fired tank, in the best case situation.  Where a Bock may be a a couple hundred more dollars, with maintenance you might get  5-10 more years of service life over the cheapest option.

Predicting when a water heater will fail is impossible and water quality has everything to do with how quickly or slowly a tank will breakdown as well as it’s proper installation.  If you’re just flipping a house, you won’t get that added value of a long lasting tank, but if you plan on sticking around for more than 5 years or selling the home to someone you care about or want the new buyers to see a good name brand product the Bock is a great way to go.

Personal experience in the field:  We replace a lot of Bock tanks, as well as, Thermoflow, Everhot, Aero, Ford, Bradford White, & John Wood oil fired water heaters.  Now, I can say after seeing hundreds of oil fired water heaters on service or replacement calls, other than Ford tanks, (which are extinct,) we only see Bock’s making it passed that coveted 20 year mark.   I believe we keep seeing so Bocks consistently lasting for 15+ years because every employee is a shareholder, having a personal stake in the company.   The personal commitment of employee-owners gives Bock Water Heaters, and their customer support is spectacular.

Not to mention something a lot of Americans and I personally believe in, I like supporting American made products, and value quilty products and want to support family owned businesses or at least companies that treat their employees well.  Bock is the way to go if you’re located in the North East and you want a high quality oil fired water heater tank.

J Sullivan

If you need a quote for a new Bock oil fired water heater give me a call.  
I’ve priced so many of these things out I can give you a price right over the phone.

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Note:  Before you call get the following information so we can make it as quick and painless as possible.

1) Check and see if you have a 30 or 50 gallon tank, it will say so on the label.   If you have 2 or less baths you prob have a 30, if you have more than 2 baths you likely have a 50.  

2)  Find out how it’s vented by looking for the silver exhaust pipe.    It will either have the vent/exhaust pipe coming directly from the top/ center of the tank, or it will be coming out of the side/ rear of the tank.   

3)  Check and see if you can see 1 or 2 oil lines attached to the burner.    There are only 2 types of systems.  a “1 line” will only have one oil line, a “duel line” system will have a feed & return (2 lines) attached to the burner it’s filter.