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Alpine ALP85 Quotes, Installation, Service- CT

The Alpine alp85 gas-fired boiler is 95% efficient, comes with an outdoor reset, has an advanced board computer with open ports for add-on wireless thermostats and other communications.  We have had a lot of luck with the Alpine boilers and the homeowners that choose the Alpine are all in agreement, they are all very happy with their decision.  Our past clients that went from out dated oil-fired boiler to a new Alpine ALP85 are experiencing low heating bills and sleeping well without a sound as the Alpine produces almost zero sound while in operation.


buderus boiler ctPic 1)  Here we have a 20 year old Buderus boiler located in Stratford, CT.    The homeowner already had natural gas service, with a new 50 gallon gas-fired domestic water heater beside the boiler.  We were contacted from the ENERGIZE CT program and I (J Sullivan) provided a competitive quote to replace the old oil boiler with a new high-efficiency wall-hung boiler running on natural gas.  After his own independent research the homeowner asked for a Alpine wall-hung condensing boiler.

Aside from being a highly rated boiler the ALP85 qualifies for the maximum amount of incentives from UI – EverSource

REBATE NOTE for the Alpine:  $1,300 or more, when converting from oil to natural gas.



Pic 2)  oil boiler ct  The old 3 section, cast iron, oil-fired boiler has been removed from the home.  Removing it took about two hours; first we have to remove all the old dirty water from throughout the black iron pipes and radiators, drained the water from the boiler, disconnected the electrical system & low voltage components.  Then the oil burner was carefully removed so no oil or soot contaminated the home.  All before hauling the old boiler up a flight of stairs from the basement into the garage.   This small boiler weighed around 400 pounds.

Pics 3- gallery)  The material has been delivered from our wholesale supplier.  You can see 3″ PVC, 1″ copper, the Alpine boiler & accessories. Our supplier Win Nelson, provides free fragile care delivery and always wraps the material if there is any threat of wet weather.

Pic 4)  Besides the boiler many parts and accessories are required for the proper installation.  When converting from an old boiler 20+ years old, to a new condensing high-efficiency boiler- most, if not all the major and minor plumbing and all electrical components must be replaced with new parts suitable for low-mass, high-efficiency boilers.

Alpine ALP85

Pic 5)  The new alpine alp85 boiler, all plumbing & electrical systems have been removed.  Now Mike is building a new wall in order to hang the wall-hung boiler. Usually some light carpentry is required when installing high-efficiency boilers, since they require a nice flat, square, level wall for proper mounting of the boiler a “buffer wall” is often required.  NOTE:  Most basement walls are unfinished/ cement, or stone walls, and not suitable for direct mounting brackets.

Pic 6 gallery)  The wall is finished, the Alpine ALP85 has been mounted.    Level, square, plumb and positioned in the correct location for venting requirements, the new boiler is set in it’s new location.  We use the primary & secondary zone kit, desinged for the BURNHAM  ALPINE line of boilers, by WebStone.  The primary & secondary zone kit keeps the total size of the installation small, and come with tappings for flushing, maintenance.

Pic 7)  Making some progress with the alpine alp85, the new gas line is in, primary & secondary zone kit is in.  Our apprentice Paul is running a condensation line for the condensation pump- not pictured yet.

Alpine ALP85_2

Pic 8)  The homeowner is pleased to see the new Burnham Alpine boiler installation coming along.  Specifically he’s looking at the advanced computer board for the relay outputs for his Wireless BEE thermostat.


Pic 9)  All finished, the new Burnham Alpine 85 high-efficiency wall hung boiler is installed and producing hydronic heat @ 95% AFUE .   We included the Fernox T1 magnetic particle filter, (pictured top left) and we also preformed the three step flush using the Fernox F3 & F5 iron pipe treatment chemicals.  Lower left is the acid neutralization tube & condensation pump.


TF1filterPic 10  gallery)   Fernox TF1 magnetic particle filter, and Fernox F3 & F5 black iron pipe treatment.   All homes in that have black iron pipes or cast iron radiators (most in New England) require a special chemical flush and a magnetic particle filter.  We use Fernox F3 & F5 black pipe treatment and Fernox TF1 magnetic filter, because we have had a lot of luck with this from personal experience.  This system allows for the lowest cost of ownership because it allows for the least amount of maintenance.  Additionally, this system ensures maximum efficiency by keeping the heat exchanger free from build-up.


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My name is J Sullivan and I invested 3+ hours creating this page to meet homeowners like you whom appreciate great workmanship, and want quality boilers at a fantastic price point.  We are not trying to be the lowest priced company out there, we are charging the RIGHT prices for service that you will find is second to none!   Please give us a call, I answer every call and thoroughly enjoy talking about water heaters and boilers.    NOTE: We are an approved heating contractor with Energize CT and our qualifying installations can be financed at 2.9%, call me to learn more.

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