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Backup oil heating system

Backup oil heating system –  to save money?

Why in the world would anyone want to convert to heating oil or need a backup oil heating system?  For one thing, if you’re located in cold winter environment, heating with a more expensive fuel source like electricity, you could save money with a new triple pass oil-fired heating boiler.

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Backup oil heating system – Renewable energy

oil heat backupMaybe you have a home with heat pumps, geothermal or solar PV or solar thermal.   There are many fantastic ways to heat a home with renewable energy but 9 times out of 10 you need a back up heating system to get ya through the cold, dark, periods of time.  A home heating oil system is a good back-up heating system for your renewable energy system.

Backup oil heating system –  Lake House

All homes off the beaten path/  off the grid, need heat & hot water.   The fuel source is usually propane or #2 home heating oil.

Backup oil heating system –  The Manhattan Project

backup oil heat commercialIn some cities there simply isn’t enough natural gas to go around, for example in Manhattan even if a building owner wants to pull the trigger on a 50-500K heating system upgrade with high-efficiency boilers running on natural gas.  An dirt old oil-fired boiler is around the corner, there to provide heat during Jan & Feb when literally the gas lines get sucked dry in New York City.  Since there isn’t enough gas to supply Manhattan all large buildings in Manhattan must have duel fuel burners, or back up oil heating systems. The gas lines are not physically large enough to provide the amount of natural gas Manhattan needs during the coldest times of the winter.  Billions of dollars worth of new gas lines are scheduled throughout New York city over the next 20 years.

How many homes have a oil heating system?

There are at least 4 millions single family homes & buildings that heat with heating oil throughout New England to Pennsylvania.

How many homes have converted from heating oil to natural gas?

With the rising popularity and increased availability of natural gas taking off in towns and neighborhoods throughout New England hundreds of homes every month convert from oil to natural gas.  Heating oil systems will be around for long into the future, because gas lines will never be available to areas with in-penetrable ground/ stone formations.   Connecticut has many areas/ towns, that area built on “Ledge” meaning extremely hard rock, like the side of a mountain.  For example the town of Monroe- CT is almost completely built on ledge rock and there is almost zero gas supply lines in town.  Southern CT Gas/ Ever-source  simply can’t physically get into the ground to run the line.

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