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Bradford white oil water heater

Bradford white oil water heater installers, quotes, repairs, replacements and new installations.

We don’t often talk about Bradford White oil-fired water heaters on this website because of their high price and low performance numbers, compared to the Bock and other manufactures of oil-fired water heaters.  Bradford White vs Bock oil water heaters, Bock wins every time.  Surprising to me, when looking at the performance sheets on the Bradford White is was shockingly low.   An old 50 gallon Bradford White oil water heater produces less hot water than a new 32 gallon Bock.  Bradford White oil water heaters contain no components or features that make it better than the more readily available oil water heaters.

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Bradford white oil water heater

Why can’t I find a Bradford White oil water heater?

  1.  Oil fired water heaters are the most expensive type to buy, and to produce for manufactures. . Over the last 5 years some water heater manufactures that once offered oil-fired water heaters no longer do, or in very limited production numbers.
  2. Heating equipment supply stores don’t have enough phyiscal space to carry more than 1 or 2 oil water heater brands, and the brand that got dropped from most suppliers in Connecticut was Bradford White.  Note:  Bradford White still offers; electric, natural gas, and propane water heaters.

These days, 2016, in Connecticut the 3 most popular manufactures of oil fired water heaters are;

  • Bock,                          (most popular – best built)
  • Thermaflow- Everhot, (very popular – lower cost option)
  • John Wood                   (multiple venting options)

Two other manufactures offer oil fired water heaters in Connecticut for an additional delivery fee.

  • AO Smith   (special delivery only)
  • HTP        (special delivery only)

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