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Burnham MPO-IQ Boiler Installer, CT

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Is your old oil fired boiler leaking, smoking, making a lot of noise?   When your finally ready to replace your old energy sucking, loud, dirty, smelly oil-fired boiler, give us a call.  Every day our helpful sales consultant; J Sullivan, is providing families like yours with new quotes for reliable, American made, Burnham MPO-IQ high-efficiency oil-fired boilers.  The Burnham MPO-IQ oil fired boiler, is made in American, with a triple pass, reaching 87% efficiency.  87 percent efficiency is considered high-efficiency level for oil-fired boilers.

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Quick guide to oil-fired boiler efficiency.   Efficiency of a boiler is determined by the amount of heat energy extracted from the exhaust gases, before the exhaust gases leave the boiler and enters the chimney.    Your old fashion, standard, single pass boiler is maxed out around 82-83% AFUE efficiency.   The triple pass Burnham MPO-IQ boiler, extracts nearly the maxium allowable energy in the oil-fired boiler niche.

Old Oil-Fired Boilers-   Before & After-     New Burnham MPO-IQ

new burnham MPO-IQ oil fired boiler


EFFICIENCY NOTES ON BOILERS:  Any boiler rated over 90% AFUE is “condensing” and can not be exhausted into a chimney. (condensing boilers MUST be direct-vented out of a side wall.)  There are many condensing boilers for natural gas and propane, but not for oil-fired boilers.  In fact, the only condensing oil-fired boiler on the market is the FCX boiler, out of France, tested and proven on Kodiak island- one of coldest inhabited islands of Alaska.  (I personally know the company reps in Alaska & PA) but be aware, the FCX uses a special Riello burner that requires special training/ experience working on- maintaining it properly.   For that reason, when our clients when the “biggest bang for the buck” on oil fired boilers, with just the required standard maintenance requirements we suggest the Burnham MPO- IQ

Burnham MPO-IQ Boiler-  Installation photo gallery

Location-  Milford, CT  (off gulf street)  March- 2016

How much money with I save with a Burnham MPO oil fired boiler?
How much money you will save with a new Burnham MPO IQ oil fired boiler is determined by a few factors.

  • 1) how old is your current old equipment?
  • 2) how often did you maintained your old equipment?
  • 3) domestic hot water, how id this water produced currently?
  • 4)  price you pay for oil. What are you paying per gallon?

If you are going from an old oil-fired boiler like this, (pictured left) you have a lot of room for improvement.  40 year old energy nightmareHere we have an 35+ year old oil-fired boiler with no water heater- storage tank, meaning.  This is the absolute worse case energy scenario.  When you have an oil-fired boiler, and NO water heater, or storage tank, you have a total energy nightmare.  The small 1,000sf Milford, home this boiler came out of had an astronomical yearly oil expense of $2,500-3,000

New Burnham MPO-IQ oil-fired boiler, with 45 gallon indirect water heater (below right.)

Burnham MPO IQ, w/ 45 Gal Indirect

New yearly oil bill under $2,000

OIL PRICE REMINDER: The price of oil has come down from nearly $4 per gallon, to today’s rate of around 1.40 per gallon.   If you haven’t done so already look at your oil bill, if you are are paying more than $1,.65 a gallon it’s time to renegotiate your contract, or let us know and we will give you a referral for a local oil supplier with better rates than your currently paying.

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