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Discounted water heater installations for senior citizens.

Discounted water heater installations for seniors citizens.

Seniors are feeling the economic pitch more than anyone else.  Millions of seniors throughout American are living in poverty.   All we see on TV is politicians talking about many random acts of violence, the upcoming 2016 elections,  Obama Care-  while 47 million Americans are on food stamps.   Statistically 50% of all American are living in or just above the poverty level, many of which are seniors.   We cannot do much to correct the worlds problems, but we want to help where we can.  Our world is water heaters, if you need a quote in Connecticut, we would like the opportunity to try an beat your best quote.


How we can help-

For many people relying on fixed incomes or living pay check to pay check, getting the money together to replace an oil fired water heater might be nearly impossible.  It’s heart breaking seeing so many living on extremely tight budgets, but it’s easy to see why this has happened.  The price of food, gas, health care, energy is increasing, wadges and investments are not, and you have inflation is taking away savings.   To compound the problems, banks and investment funds are all paying an all time low on deposits.  Unemployment levels are still near all time highs and underemployment runs rampant across the county.  Contrary to what the politicians &  media says, the financial system is still in turmoil and thousands of seniors throughout Connecticut & America are still at the financial breaking point.

A 30 or 50 gallon oil fired water heater replacement (costing over two thousand dollars), will push many families living on a fixed income to the breaking point.   Our normal prices are regularly $200-500 dollars Less than our competitors and our discounted rates are even lower.   Everyone on a tight budget to give us a call for a free oil fired water heater replacement quote today.  At times we have access to scratched, dented, and discontinued units which are substantially less than normal installation prices.
We would like the opportunity to install your water heater for the lowest prices possible in Connecticut.
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