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Electric Boiler Options

If you recently have been told your home is a good candidate for a solar system, or you have inexpensive electric rates for any other reason, converting your home heating system from oil to an electric might be a great idea.    Some local utility around the county have access to local hydro-power stations or discounted rates

Our electric boilers are available in 11 Hot Water Sizes
Ranging from 20,472 BTUH (6KW) to 136,480 BTUH (40KW)

*Our electric boiler use a Cast Iron Heat Exchanger for maximum efficiency. 

Our Electric Boilers are  today’s most efficient and versatile means of combining the comfort of zoned hot water heating with the cleanliness, safety and convenience only electricity provides.

Our compact units, hardly larger than a suitcase, may be installed by one man in any out of the way spot desired… even a closet. Only two plumbing and one electrical connection are required. Simplicity of design and quality construction assure dependable operation with minimum maintenance. It’s the ideal answer to heating needs with limited space or no ability to vent combustion gases in new construction and conversions.   Electric Boilers can be used with all types of forced hydronic heating systems – baseboard, radiant, unit heaters, convectors, and industrial applications.

Venting Note:  Like all electric heating systems, electric boilers don’t require any venting, making electric boilers often the only choice where there is very limited room.   Since electric boilers do not not burn fuel, there is no harmful exhaust to remove- no chimney and no expensive venting required.

Radiant Floor Heating Note:   Electric boilers are a good choice for radiant floor  heating systems, because electric boilers have the ability to provide “low temperature” hot water, unlike gas-fire and oil-fired heating systems-which use cold water mixing valves to reduce temperatures- wasting energy.

Need a quote for your conventional electric boiler?  Give us a call, text or email.

We have partnered with a  leading manufacturer of electric water heaters & boilers used in a variety of applications including the Commercial, Industrial, Food Service, Offshore/Marine and Residential markets. With a wide range of electric water heating systems to choose from, immediate and direct access to factory sales engineers for technical assistance, and a highly skilled workforce, you can be confident knowing that our water heating options are the right choice for your project.

Give us a call, we want to bid on all electric boiler replacements in Connecticut.

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