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Flood Damaged Boiler Information

Subject: Flood Damaged Boilers

floodedbasement2The unfortunate situation and questions relating to flooded boilers and heating
equipment arises whenever major flooding occurs.  Our customer service
and technical service representatives are often asked what should be done with a
flood damaged boiler.
It should be noted that flooded boilers present a number of
potentially very serious safety issues including, but not limited to, the following items:
1) Floodwater may enter a boiler and soften the insulation that surrounds
the combustion chamber, causing it to collapse into the chamber.
This causes a very serious safety issue, and under no circumstances
should any boiler be operated in this condition.
2) The silt and contaminants potentially contained in flood
water can be deposited inside boiler controls and safety limits
affecting their accuracy and ability to operate. This also can be a very
serious safety issue and under no circumstances should any boiler be
operated in this condition
3) Floodwater can cause unseen damage to the boiler that may
cause a safety issue or failure months or even years after the incident.
Even components that appear to be unaffected may have sustained
Boilers that are subject to floodwaters or other damage as a result of natural
disaster are not covered by manufactures offering limited warranties for residential
boilers.  Replacing only some affected components in a flooded boiler leaves much to risk, in
addition to being an expensive and difficult procedure  As a result, All Boiler Manufactures strongly
recommends that any boiler that has been exposed to flood water be removed and replaced with a new boiler.
Do not operate your boiler if any components have been fully or partially
submerged in water until the boiler has been inspected and all affected
components or the boiler are replaced by a qualified heating contractor.
Please feel free to contact your Boiler Company representative with any
additional questions that you may have regarding this issue.  Also when replacing a
boiler, consider upgrading to a high efficiency, for fuel savings and “wall hung boilers”  can be mounted high off the floor, where a future flood won’t reach it.