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John wood oil fired water heater

John wood oil fired water heater, prices, repairs, quotes, replacement & new installation services.  We are the leading installers of John wood water heaters for New Haven, Fairfield, Hartford & Shoreline towns throughout Connecticut. John wood oil fired water heater.   Free quotes are available for John Wood water heater replacements.

America’s largest water heater manufacture by market share, AO Smith, acquired and now owns & operates John Wood.  This new(er) merger has negatively affected the availability of John Wood water heaters throughout North East.  Some suppliers have stopped carrying John Wood water heaters altogether.  John Wood is known for being only one of two manufactures offering a REAR VENTED oil-fired tank  In 2016 John Wood started offering a special Multi Directional Venting option, and a Power Vented option for their line of oil-fired water heaters.

Note: We can special order any John Wood water heater and receive delivery from 2-3 business days for residential tanks.  5-10 business days for John Wood commercial orders.

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Do you need a Rear Vented water heater?    Don’t worry, John Wood offers a rear vented oil-fired water heater tank in 30, 50 & 70 gallon sizes.   Learn more about rear vented tanks below-

John Wood oil fired water heater

Below-  photo galley featuring a John Wood (rear vented) oil-fired water heater replacement.

Date:  April, 2016.   Location:  Fairfield, CT-

Rear vented oil-fired water heaters are rare.   They are found within homes that have short ceilings, or low exhaust venting heights.  Rear vented tanks have the exhaust vent exiting the tank, from the side, or “rear” of the tank-   NOT On Top of the tank, as the exhaust venting is normally found on all other types of oil and gas water heaters.   Rear vented tanks are more expensive than standard “top vented” oil-fired tanks.  John Wood is one-of-two manufactures that offer a rear vented oil-fired water heater, the other is Thermaflow- Everhot.  The homeowners wanted to reuse their existing burner, and since it was only 7 years old and in perfect working condition, we re-installed the burner.  Swamping out burners is alright as long as you stick with the same exact tank, after checking with the manufacture first to confirm that the measurements are the same.



John Wood