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Reusing an oil burner, can cost you more in the long run

I get calls almost every day from homeowners shopping around for oil fired water heater quotes.   Some people are surprised to learn about the high investment requirement for a new oil fired water heater tank, burner, control, installation labor, tax.  This has lead some people to ask me about reusing an oil burner.  Our sluggish economy as people stretching their budgets as far as possible, trust me, I completely get it.

Here’s the thing.   Most plumbers will tell you that reusing an oil burner for an oil fired water heater replacement is a good way to save money from the replacement investment.  And yes technically that’s true, you can save $400 bucks by reusing an oil burner,  stick it into the new tank and get hot water again, but many times this old oil burner ends up costing you more over time.  Think about it, a brand new oil burner cost $400 brand new from our supplier.  Not only do you get the new burner, but also a new temperature well, sensor and temperature control.  Note:  The burner acts as the brain of the operation, with low-voltage relays going from internal temp sensor inside tank, to the temp control, to the burner.  Proper communication between the low voltage wiring is key to safe operation.  (Especially important with young children in the home to avoid scolding.)

Plus, don’t forget a new oil burner is clean, doesn’t smell, and runs more quite than old burners.

Now, lets talk about the consequences of re-using an old burner.   First you thing you need to know, A burner is nothing more than an empty shell (like the tower of a PC) and all the parts within & attached to it can and will go bad, eventually requiring replacement.  Much like an old computer you can keep it going forever, but it’s more expensive to repair an old burner a couple times than replacing it with a brand new unit.   Why this is true.  Every part on an oil fired burner costs at between $100-200 per part, and you can expect to pay another $100-200 labor to replace it.

Your oil delivery, oil burner service company WANTS you to reuse that old burner so they can sell you more oil than you need.  (old burners are less efficient and use less more oil.)   They will also make a ton of money repairing the old burner, literally every time an oil burner needs to be fixed you are looking at a $200-300 repair.  Now, an oil fired burner has about 5 major components, so you are looking at spending well over $1,000 in repairs to keep an oil burner running over the long haul.

It’s a classic case of pay less now or pay more later down the road.   🙂

It is my mission to help you save as much money as possible, not only on your replacement today but over the long road ahead.   With my assistance, you can be confident you will make the best decision for you home & family.

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