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Thermaflow water heaters

Like most manufactures according to the Thermaflow website, they make all types of water heaters in all sizes.  In reality, you will only see two types of Thermaflow water heaters in homes.   More specifically, Theraflow water heaters are only found in homes that heat with heating oil.

The two most common types of Thermaflow-everthot water heaters you will see in homes throughout New England.

  1.  Aquabooster  Tank
  2. Oil-fired  Water Heater

    Thermaflow Water Heaters

    thermaflow water heatersaquabooster water heaterAquabooster Thermaflow-everhot water heater is a Storage Tank, (left) it simply holds hot water created from a near by boiler. (right) 99% of the time a thermaflow WB aquabooster is fed hot water from a boilers Tankless Coil.   This water heater has No exhaust vent because it doesn’t require the combustion any fuel, again it’s just a storage tank.  An aquabooster tank also has a circulator pump, used to boost available hot water GPM’s.  The circulator pump is wired to a thermostatic well within the side of the tank, and on the other end it it wired into the boiler in some manner, either to a rely zone box, or direct connected in a number of ways. Ultimately a low voltage single is sent from within the water heater’s well, to the boiler in order to give the commend to “send more hot water.”  Without this aspect of low voltage wiring, the circulator pump would run all day wasting electrical power and the water heater would be “call for heat,” which would be a huge waste of heating oil- or simply won’t work at all.  There  is zero maintenance with this type of water heater/ storage tank.

    thermaflow oil water heaterAn oil fired water heater from Thermaflow- everhot or any other company all work the same way.  Essentially you have a tank of water sitting on top of a separate lower section of the tank, called the heat chamber or fire box.  Sticking directly out of the front of the water heater tank is an oil Burner.  A oil burner is easy to identify because it will Always have 1, or 2 oil lines connecting to it.  This water heater has a 6″ silver exhaust vent connecting to it either directly on top, or on the side.   When the exhausts vent is located on the side of the tank, it’s called a Rear Vented model.   Thermalflow is only one of two manufactures that offer a rear vented oil fired water heater in our area- Connecticut.  Compared to other oil fired water heaters Thermaflow offers the lower cost alternative to other manufactures.