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We are proud to be your local water heater installer, CT.   Get a free quick quotes on oil fired water heatersboilersand furnaces for home and commercial buildings throughout Fairfield and New Haven counties, CT.

We’re based on the Milford/ Orange line and have thousands of water heaters in service all over the state.



Over the last combined 28 years our plumbesr have collectively installed over 10,000 water heaters throughout Connecticut- with 90%+ still in service today.  Contact us for a free quote.


The company owners preform every installation, insuring a perfect installation every time. Jamie, Marc & Jay, along with these two trucks will be at your home doing the job. (no subcontractors)

The company owners preform every installation, insuring a perfect installation every time. Jamie, Marc & Jay, will be at your home doing the job. (no subcontractors)

We have hundreds of satisfied customers in nearly every town throughout Fairfield, New Haven, and the Shoreline areas of Connecticut  Feel free to ask for references from our past clients, we have many that are willing to talk directly to you.

Our attitude is,  we can do better than vague comments by letting you talk directly with our past clients.  Depending on what you need, we will match up at least 2 of our past clients that had the same type of installation recently.   We send you their email address (with their permission) and you simply write them an email and ask how we did.   It’s that simple.  Our clients are so pleased with our services they actually allow us to use them for references in this manner.   Hopefully you too will allow us to do the same after we install your new water heater or boiler.

CT Licensing information:
Heating:  S-7 #303436
Plumbing: P-1 # 283661


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Important information on Oil Fired Water Heaters.

Product selection: We specialize in water heater installations and are committed to using the best products whenever it’s in our clients budget.   Our preference is Bock oil fired water heater tanks and either Beckett or Carlin burners.  Our quotes start with Bock tanks and new matching burners.   Lower price option tanks do exist, such as, ThermalFlow- Everhot and we current have a discount on standard vented John Wood tanks.

Reusing your current burner: We will only entertain the idea of reusing a pre-existing burner if it’s working perfectly fine, clean, less than 5 years old, going back on the same exact tank and most importantly has the proper Blast Tube length.  Checking the blast tube length requires a visual inspection and measuring at the time of replacement.

Vent pipe replacement: Safety is a big concern with oil fired water heaters, they literally produce tons of carbon monoxide over their lifespan.  For this reason we always include new exhaust flue venting from the exiting point of the tank to either the chimney breach point or where it common vents into a larger diameter vent pipe (usually tied into a oil-fired boiler or furnaces).

Extras: We also recommend you allow us to install a Thermal Expansion Tank if you don’t currently have one or replace the one you have if there is one currently there.   Thermal expansion tanks relieves the natural pressure that occurs within the tank from the water expanding and contracting from heating and cooling of the water.   Thermal expansion tanks are code in almost all states but not yet Connecticut,  however, we always recommend these devices.   Besides safety as the code is concerned with, thermal expansion tanks increase the longevity of oil fired water heater tanks by allowing the expansion to take place within them and not in the tank.

Guarantee: We guarantee the Tank, Burner, EZ-Temp (temp control system), and all plumbing connections associated with it’s proper installation. We only install oil fired water heaters in accordance with state and local plumbing codes.   All tanks come with 5 year warranty, burner 3 year warranty, all plumbing connections for 1 year.

Other options:  Learn about alternative options to oil fired water heaters, such as conventional electric & high efficiency hybrid electric water heaters.  Keep in mind, you will run into additional electrical costs because electric water heaters require a dedicated 220 amp service electrical line, and double pole breaker ran from your electrical service box to to the installation area.  If you happen to have a propane, or natural gas a gas fired water heater would be a good idea, not any cheaper upfront since a new gas line is required.   Gas-fired water heaters require no maintenance saving you $150-200 a year in maintenance alone.   If you like the idea of going to a gas-fired water heater you might as well as look into high-efficiency tankless water heater.   Solar thermal & Geothermalwater heaters are great options but take a considerably larger investment.

Price shock for “first timers.”   If this is your first time replacing an oil fired water heater, unfortunately, these types are the most expensive types of non high-efficiency water heaters.

bestpricepicOur rates? Oil fired water heaters are the most expensive types of  non high-efficiency water heaters.  The boilers are a little more than gas fired because they commonly come with tankless coils, responsible for your domestic hot water.    Unfortunately oil fired water heater are more expensive than gas water heaters.   They are also the most time consuming to install, hardest to remove and difficult to properly dispose of.   Oil fired water heaters have water lines, oil line(s), the burner, and many electrical connections. As well as testing to ensure the proper fuel combustion for optimal (lowest) fuel consumption rates.   We usually have 1 master plumber and 2 assistants on all oil fired water heater installations in CT.

Price and options:  Our oil fired water heater replacement packages include a new Tank, Burner, Temp Control, T&P Valve, Installation, Removal & Recycling of the water heater in an environmentally friendly manner.  The price ranges from $1,999 and up ,  based on normal installation requirements on 30 gallon tank size.  If you already received a quote higher than $2,500 for a 30 gallon installation and $3,500 for a 50 gallon- we can help you save hundreds.

We are based in Orange CT  and proudly serve all of Connecticut.

If you need help finding a local water heating expert and you’re NOT in our area of operation, we have guys in the White Plains area of New York.

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