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We have a common goal, so lets join forces.

Water Heating Consultant/ Installer/ Installation Manager
Jay Sullivan-

We are always interested in forming win-win partnerships with other plumbing & heating companies, suppliers, manufactures,  industry reps and the occasional internet marketing company within the water heating niche.   Oilfiredwaterheating.com has top organic Google positioning for countless “oil fired water heater” search terms, and our plumbing company receives a good amount of incoming calls.  We average about 100 people on the site each day, and they are all here researching oil fired water heating products and services.

That being said, around 80% of the visitors to this website are outside our local area.

Fact:  We get a lot of calls for installations all throughout Long Island, upstate NY, Westchester area, Rhode Island and some parts of Mass.

If you own or manage a plumbing company in any of these above mentioned areas give us a shout, we want to send you good jobs.


For more information send us a short email about your company.

Send the following info to waterheatingpros@gmail.com