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Running a small business is hard enough these days, we have been slacking in getting testimonials from our wonderful clients but were going to start adding them here.  Rather than stick some generic testimonials up here with little or no meaning, we have chosen to include the job description and a couple pics on each job.

Here are a couple pics of some recent satisfied clients.   
We will be adding each of their personally written testimonials as soon as we get them.


1) New Bock 32e – Westport

Here we the owner Jamie Genovese showing our satisfied customer how to adjust the temperature setting, which she had never known how to do before.  Marisa was a great client and owned a lovely home in Westport CT.  This being her families first time replacing an oi fired water heater she did some research and found our site.  Naturally she was impressed with the throughout explanation on just about everything there is to know by clicking links throughout the site and reading through our blog section.  To the right is a picture of the old broken Bradford white oil fired water heater, we removed it and replaced it with the Bock below. 

Hoping to get a testimonial from this wonderful homeowner soon.

2) New Bock 32e – Bristol

ford oil water heaterHere we ran into an old Ford water heater, the classic blue water heater was known in the industry for lasting an extremely long time, but this business went out of business decades ago, and this particular tank (pictured right) already passed the “danger zone.”   If you still have any oil fired water heater that looks like this (on right), you need to replace it soon before you have a messy or dangerous situation.  Not to mention, newer tanks & burners are more efficient, and no matter how often you clean the burner shoot builds up within the tank and exhaust area where the “heat exchange” happens, and the older the tank is, the more shoot builds up/ less heat exchange takes place, more fuel is burned and that equals higher operating costs.  Though these jobs are pretty expensive, at least its nice to know if you are replacing a tank this old (right) you will likely save money on oil with the new unit and FOOD FOR THOUGHT.  News tanks and burners offer higher performance than other units did, so you may be able to save money by stepping down from a 50 gallon model to a 32 gallon tank, as we did here for this client.

bock newtown ct

This Bristol homeowner (above red hat) was impressed with our newt day service ability for our same normal price, which was lower than the best price he could find.  Being in the health care industry he didn’t have the luxury of taking a different day off, and we were glad to accommodate the next day install request.
Hoping to get his testimonial soon.

3) 170Sharon had a very old boiler and the heating bill was killing her.  The house was about 1300 sf and she spent over $4,000 on oil for the 2012 heating season.  Sharon wisely asked about 90+% efficient units, which qualify for rebates, unfortunately there aren’t too many high-efficiency options for oil and though they do exist, it’s a challenge to find qualified guys that offer maintenance the new advanced H.E. oil burners.  This (below) Burnham triple pass boiler features an industry leading 87% efficiency rating for non condensing oil-fired boilers, and this unit has a front mounted door that allows easy cleaning, insuring the highest level of “heat exchange” / most efficient operation possible.  We removed a monster 4 section boiler, (right) thank the Good Lord we didn’t have stairs involved with this job.  Cutting apart old oil fired boilers is a challenging en-devour for even seasoned veterans like us.  The installation was straight-forward, most of the boilers accessories are up high.

Heating Season Feedback:  I called Sharon during the coldest part of this past winter (13-14) and Sharon was pleased to report significant oil savings, at that time she estimated at least a 30-40% reduction of oil compared to the old boiler.   Sharon’s home has serious lack of insulation issues, and though the boiler was burning oil more efficiently, improved insulation will result in much greater savings.  I suggested Sharon call our friends at NECS for a home performance energy audit.  New England Conservation Services  is an approved contractor for the Connecticut Energy Efficiency Fund and as access to all the rebates and incentives available for improving your homes “thermal envelope” with new insulation, weather stripping and other measures.  


burnham boiler installer ct/a>

 Hoping to get a testimonial from Sharon soon-

4) oil water heaters ct Here is another Bock 32e, we have literally installed hundreds of these guys.   When you have water, electricity, oil and fire all in one location we take our time and extreme care when installing these units.   We are very happy promoting Bock in a positive light because they are just a fanatic company, and the Bock oil-fired line of water heaters have never let us or our clients down.- never once.   We removed a 32 gallon Aero (right) and installed a new Bock 32e, the Bock 32e is the perfect fit to replace a 32 gallon Aero or 32 gallon lochinvar tank.  When these old Aero tanks let go they tend to “let go” a put a lot of water on the ground, so if you have a leaking Aero you want to replace it asap, we have see too many water damaged basements than you can imagine.   Note: When oil-fired water heaters leak, the water can sometime enter the “fire box” where the fire enters the lower part of the tank,  under the main storage vessel, when water gets in the fire chamber smoke can potentially be a dangerous situation.

Bock quote ct

This women lived far away and wanted next day service and we were happy to deliver.   The installation was straight forward, other than moving some exercise equipment which we were happy to do respectfully.  Small world, it turned out she worked within the same school system as the owner Jamie’s oldest daughter, in the Orange school system.  The owner of A Plus Plumber, Jamie, has two children in the Orange school system and one in college.  He needs serious money for education so please give us your water heating business, if not for this amazing website and our unbeatable value do it for the sake of the kids!

Hoping to get her testimonial soon.