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Water Heater Discounts

When a water heater breaks it’s always a disappointment and usually a total surprise.  Oil fired water heaters are the most expensive, and these types of repairs/ replacements never come at a good time, for any family, at any income level.  For many families this type of a home repair can be simply impossible to pay for without help from family, the use of a credit card and a generous discount from a oil water heater installer.   Most plumbers only care about the bottom line, profit.   We care about making money, sure, we have families to care for, but we do enjoy helping people.

Water Heater Discount Pricing.
We are extremely proud to offer huge discounts on oil fired water heater installations for all people that need it.
We offer discounted rates on oil fired water heaters installations for:

If you fall within a categories mentioned above, or feel your deserve a discount for another reason and located in New Haven or Fairfield counties, we are happy to listen.  After all qualifying discounts our prices for senior citizens in our service areas are hard to beat.

Oil Fired Water Heater Discount Pricing-

$1,999  – 30 gallon model (w/ new burner)

$2,499 – 50 gallon model  (w/ new burner)

The lowest Prices Are Possible If The Installation Site Is Very Easy, (no stairs/ drive right up to installation site w truck)
When Available Discontinued Models Or Scratch & Dent Units Can Result In Even Lower Prices.
Give me a call for a free quote.

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Oil Heater Pricing Shock, CT-
The harsh reality is, oil fired water heaters are the most expensive type of water heater on the market.

At our cost, the tank  goes from $1,000-$1,800 (depending on size & model)  the burner is another $385-$450, (the same price as an electric water heater) so, just the parts alone are 3-4 times that of an traditional electric or gas water heater, without installation labor.   With even just a minimal mark up a 30 gallon oil fired water heater replacement costs $1,500 in parts and a 50 gallon costs us around $2,000.   Also, these things are heavy and fragile.  We need a couple guys to get them safely on the truck, out of the truck, and gently into your basement.  Getting an old leaking tank out of the basement, in the truck and to the recycling center without making a huge mess in your home is always our goal and why we use 3 men for these installations.  So if there’s any issues with the old tank being a messy nightmare we can get it out quickly and have a guy on the Shop Vac ready for an immediate clean-up.

Competitors Pricing on Oil Heaters, CT-
All plumbers in CT are charging $2,350- $3,000+ for 30 gallon models, and $2,850- $3,600 for 50 gallon models.
DO NOT take my word for it, call some guys and find out for yourself.  Then Call Us.  Please don’t call us first, get at least 1 other quotes first and, Then call us so we can beat it.

Our Low Oil Heater Pricing,CT-
We are extremely proud to offer huge discounts on oil fired water heater installations for all people living on a tight, fixed income throughout New Haven & Fairfield counties, ct.  After qualifying discounts our prices for deserving residents within our service areas are simply hard to beat.

Our Rock Bottom Prices

$1,999  – 30 gallon model

$2,449 – 50 gallon model

*Center fuel, standard replacement installation.   
*Quote includes all Labor, new Tank, new Burner, new EZ Temp control, T&P valve and new Venting exhaust pipe where needed, removal & disposal of old equipment.    Seniors on a fixed income can possibly save more, must be located in our area.

We offer free quotes on oil fired water heaters, boilers and furnaces for homes and commercial buildings throughout Fairfield and New Haven counties, CT.

We’re based on the Milford/ Orange line and have thousands of water heaters in service throughout Hartford, Fairfield and New Haven counties, CT.

Over the last 28 years, our installers have installed over a combined 10,000 water heaters and hundreds of boilers- with the vast majority still in service today.  Contact me for a free quote.

J. Sullivan  -Installation Manager

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Related Questions:

How long does an oil fired water heater replacement take?   Since we have 3 professionals on the job we normally have them completed within 2 hours of arriving at your home.  With the installation and all the driving around to pick up the materials and drop the old unit at the recycling center, an oil fired water heater installation takes up more than half a day.

Should I be wary of “side job plumbers” to install my oil fired water heater?-  Be very wary of trusting an oil fired water heater replacement to “an old man doing it himself” or “a guy in a pick-up truck” promising the lowest price possible.   The harsh reality is, there simple is no way to get the job done cheaper than we can offer.  We buy these tanks & burners in Bulk, meaning, we save a minimum of  $171- $349  on these tanks and burners over most normal plumbers.  Any guy doing side job oil fired water heating installations is not buying these things at bulk rates is paying much more than we are.   If some “side job plumber’s” quote is just a little less than ours, please realize he is paying many hundreds more than we are and your just paying for his inflated supply store rates.  These jobs are expensive and having a professional that specializing in oil fired water heaters like us, is well worth just a little more money. Like the old saying goes “you get what you pay for.”

Is it OK to not have my oil company install my oil fired water heater?  Yes, we can install your oil fired water heater or boiler.  The company you have the current service agreement with will still be very happy to take your money for the new burner servicing.