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Serving: Fairfield, New Haven, Hartford Counties

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We offer an wide array of energy reducing upgrades for commercial buildings, high-rises, and mixed use properties throughout Connecticut.


Pictured to the right–>    We replaced a leaking 100 year old, gigantic 350 gallon steel tank from a beautiful complex on Saint Ronan st- New Haven, CT.    35 upscale townhouses, in what was once a Catholic school.  Located in a 150 year old basement, we had just enough room to bring in smaller storage tank.   (Timing:  Two Day Installation)

As you can see-  A perfectly balanced multi storage tank system taking the place of one 350 gallon tank.  The “cascading piping procedure” ensures maximum hot water output and even ware-and-tare across the tanks,  this a professional commercial water heater replacement- Done Right.


Let us drastically improve your heating systems efficiency in one or more of the following ways.


1) Simple system improvements  Simple improvements to current mistakes with your NYC heating system is the easiest, most cost-effective way to improve your heating expenses.  Simple corrections on piping mistakes or replacing undersized or outdated heating components can net an easy 10-30% on efficiency improvement.


2) New Modern-Smaller, Redundant System
Rather than have one gigantic boiler producing all the heat and hot water for your entire building whether it’s spring, summer or winter killing your energy bills.  We suggest 2-3 smaller boilers linked together.


3) Gas Conversions on Existing EquipmentJust by converting your current heating steam from oil to natural gas with some basic system improvements and you can receive a 20-30% heating and maintenance savings over the same system running on heating oil.

4) Gas Conversions with New Equipment
New gas fired equipment is always the best way to go when you switch to gas.


5) Steam to Hydronic ConversionsWe can convert some steam boilers/ steam heating systems into hydronic (hot water) systems when a building is the right candidate.  We can also design an entirely new hyrdronic system from the ground up.


6) Radiant Heating SystemsRadiant heating-hydronic systems use water or a mix of water and often anti-freeze such as propylene glycol as the heat transfer fluid in a “closed loop” that is recirculated between the floor and the boiler.   (The perfect heat delivery system working with high-efficiency mod-con boilers & combi boilers)

7High-Efficiency/ Mod-Con Systems (gas-fired)
Modulating- Condensing boilers are the high-efficiency gas-fired boilers on the market today.  An intelligent design that delivers hydronic heating up to 97% Thermal Efficiency.

8) Hybrid High Efficiency Heating Systems
We use a mix of different high-efficiency heating products, utilizing the strength of each.  These hybrid systems allow us to achieve optical efficient levels throughout all temperature ranges, all seasons of the year.

9ViessmanCombiCombi Boiler/Water Heater
combi boiler is a compact and efficient unit that provides all the heat and hot water that small home needs while saving on operating and installation costs.

CBHEsteam10) High Efficiency Steam Systems
There are many ways to boost efficiency ratings into “high-efficiency” levels for existing steam boilers, and new steam boilers come over 90+ efficient right from the factory.

11) Heat Recovery Systems
New heat recovery systems are the perfect addition to your current heating system that offers a lighting fast return on your investment.  Heat recovery systems can be added to almost any commercial heating system.

12) Heating system control add-ons
Did you know that one of the biggest issues with high heating expense costs is, the LACK of control within the apartments, units, or areas of the building independently.   There are many new systems available that don’t require invading your tenets living space.

raditorTRVvalve13) Radiator Control Valves Improvement
Most building supervisors have taken off the radiator control valves on old radiators as trying to cut the amount of service calls from tenets, or prevent them from leaking.

Rather than being able to control the amount of heat coming out of a radiator, are your tenets opening their windows to control the heat?

14) Split & Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) SystemsVRFoutdoorunitSplit (mini split) and Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) Systems offer both extremely efficient heat & air conditioning systems that are reliable and operate on the very latest non-ozone depleting refrigerant gases.

chpindoorB15) CHP Systems
Combined heat and power or CHP, is the simultaneous production of two types of energy heat and electricity.  The ability to create two forms of energy from a single source offers tremendous efficiency and thus both cost savings and environmental benefits. How to get a quote for a CHP system in NYC.

1solarH20heating6) Solar Water Heating
Solar water heating options can offer  savings for buildings with enough sun exposure.  New solar heating systems have solar collectors add supplemental heat into a conventional NYC heating system, taking a significant load off the system during the day.  If sized correctly with enough solar storage tanks, hot water is stored for domestic needs into the night.

The information on this page comes from our NYC area water heating service website.

With numerous partners, leading different sub-segments within the heating industry, our team of highly trained professionals can provide full service installation services of all these above mentioned suggestions throughout Fairfield & New Haven Connecticut.